Case study of the windmill project.

Deba is also available for projects related to sustainable energy!

In the context of the day of sustainability, we would like to explain a realized project on renewable energy. We asked some questions to Nico Di Stefano (Sales and project engineer renewable energy at Deba) for our case study of the Gheys wind turbine project.

How did the project came off the ground?

The request came from a customer, Yvo Pellens, with whom we have a good relationship for years already. He is responsible for industrial electricity works and renewable energy for various companies.”(Nico Di Stefano)


What was the aim of the project?

“Producing renewable energy in a sustainable way on the site in Genk of the transport and logistics company Gheys.”

“This project fits perfectly within Deba’s sustainable vision on business.  So we were happy to start our partnership and to work together on this project. Deba was responsible from A –Z for the elaboration of this project: from design to delivery and installation. For example, we also supplied and installed the high-voltage cabin and peripheral equipment. It is a project where a lot of “energy” has been invested. It started in 2019 and the wind turbines were fully operational at the end of May 2020. We are very proud of the result ”(Nico Di Stefano)


Producing sustainable energy: What exactly does the project entail?

The installation consists of a principal distribution post from CDC that feeds 4 subcabins.


All cabins are equipped with DF-2 modular medium voltage cubicles from SwitchGear Company (SGC).


The cubicles are equipped with a disconnecting relay, RP600 DIGITAL PROTECTION RELAY and a Bi-Di relay as general protection. The cubicles that were placed are of the type AA-31 and AA-35. The distribution transformers are supplied by Cotrabel.








Two windmills serve as sources of renewable energy  for the site of the firm Gheys and can generate no less than 4.5 MW of energy. This energy is used for the bulk trucks, silos, production lines and containers in the rinsing hall which are large energy consumers. The total project has an integrated capacity of 4.5MW. The Gheys company complies with the strictest environmental standards, partly thanks to the generation and use of renewable energy for the rinsing hall, but also for other activities. The medium voltage installation was inspected by AIB Vincotte & Electro Test, which means that Gheys now possesses over the green power certificate.


Why choose Deba?

“It was obvious to choose Deba for this collaboration as medium voltage specialist. More specifically because of their knowledge and expertise in connecting renewable energy systems to the medium-voltage grid. The windmill project was born!”(Yvo Pellens)

“We are the ideal partner for the study, conceptualization and putting into service of  energy saving systems at high voltage level and to connect these systems from the low to the medium voltage grid! Study offices often call on us for this. ”(Nico Di Stefano)


In short, Deba is a Belgian company with more than 40 years of experience. Our aim is to assist our clients with their projects and to guarantee them a flawless follow-up: from delivery and installation to putting the medium voltage cabin into service.

The motto?

Our motto is to help companies  to do business in a more sustainable way and to rely on renewable energy for this. Deba can help you! We respond lightening fast on all yours demands!

Contact us about your project. We are here for you.