The Medium Voltage Competence Centre offers a lot of possibilities

  • A museum with components relating 75 years history of medium voltage
  • A showroom with modern products and technics
    (Visit our online showroom!)
  • A guide showing the way
  • Lecture rooms for education
  • Possibility to give practice courses
  • School visits
  • Additional courses for technicians

In 2014 Deba erected the Medium Voltage Competence Centre with a clearly educative mission. With 45 years of experience in the sector, Deba built up a huge knowhow that it is willing to propagate. The museum fit in an educative philosophy that the company from Nevele wants to  consider as paramount importance. Sophie Vandoorne, administrator at Deba: “We built up a Medium Voltage Competence Centre to immerse the tomorrow’s technicians, mechanicals and contractors in the medium voltage world. On one hand, there is a museum relating the evolution of 75 years medium voltage distribution in Belgium. On the other hand there is an extended showroom where actual medium voltage cubicles can be operated. Beside the medium voltage switchgear and components manufactured in Belgium by SGC-SwitchGear Company and Mevoco, both sister companies from Deba, an extended range of switchgears and components from ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric and others, can also be seen”. Beside we also show the equipment actually installed on the Belgium distribution network: on this way, past and actual equipment are staying side by side.

Willing to learn more about the medium voltage? Ready for a training, a meeting or a visit? Organize your own workshop?