Reference project for a container solution SNE Chad.

We are proud of our new CX-2 Power Container, a realization for the customer SNE (Société Nationale d‘Électricité) responsible for the production, transport and distribution of Electricity in Chad.


Thanks to more than 40 years of experience, Deba has grown to a market leader position and can call itself a specialist in installations of medium voltage switchgears. All installations and multiple housing solutions are possible. Deba is responsible for the follow-up from A – Z, from design to delivery and installation.


Through our many years of expertise, today we even export our installations: to Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East. For this reason, we developed the CX-2 concept.

A pre-installed medium voltage solution in a container CUSTOMIZED to the needs of the client.



For this project, Deba opted for a modular system: the DF-2 medium voltage switchgear from Switchgear Company and the distribution transformers from Cotrabel.


Two containers were provided for the installation of the medium voltage switchgear.

One 40-foot container for the protection cubicles and one 20-foot container for the peripherals. It concerns single used sea containers that have been reworked for this project to serve as a substation. For example, doors and lightings were placed in the containers and insulation plates were applied to the side walls. The containers are white as this reflects best the sunlight. Also, the cooling of the containers is designed to be efficient in an environment of up to 50 degrees C. After the installation of the medium voltage cubicles, the containers are shipped. Subsequently, these containers will be set up on concrete piles in Moundou (Chad).


Biggest advantage of a container solution?

It is a turn-key solution. All connections and assemblies are ready to get started right away!


Thanks to the customer, but of course also to the Deba team, for the realization of this project:

Jonas Claeys (project manager)

Filip Geurs (project engineer)

Sébastien Copay (project engineer)

Jeffrey Clauwaert (Site surveyor)


Are you also looking for a fast and reliable medium voltage solution?


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