electric buses

100% electric buses from Multiobus, the first in Belgium!

Ecologically sustainable project
Environmentally friendly public transport must contribute to achieving the climate objectives that Europe has imposed on Belgium. Starting mid 2021, no less than 10 new electric buses will be used for city and regional traffic in the Hageland.

Deba also indirectly contributes to a more environmentally friendly world. Ducatech commissioned us to install the high-voltage cabin. This way, the power for the electric buses is generated by means of solar panels. At night, the buses are charged with Tesla Powerpacks. The large battery capacity means they can run all day without needing to be recharged.

Tesla Powerpacks


On to a greener climate, where everyone does their bit! 🌱

Do you have an ecologically sustainable project in mind?

Contact Deba for your high-voltage cabin.

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