An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Deba is doing more than just installing. after the installation of a medium voltage switchgear, Deba is also able to offer the maintenance of the installation. With a correct follow up, you are avoiding problems, accidents and will always be on full power. Whatever the type or the brand of the medium voltage cubicles that you are using, Deba takes care of the maintenance.

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Sleep soundly Deba takes care of the maintenance! We are taking everything under the magnifying glass.

  • Visual control and cleaning of the medium voltage switchgear and its equipment.

  • Replacement of the fuses of the under voltage release, if necessary.

  • Functional test of the protection relay through primary injection with a relay test equipment.

  • Top up with oil in the existing small oil volume circuit breaker en control of the mechanical parts.

  • Control of all the legal accessories, gloves and operating handles, operating benches, pictograms etc… of the switchgear.

  • Replacement of the voltage indicators and/or isolators and if necessary, repair of the lightning of the room.