Acquisition of Van Os – Duracoat in Hemiksem by the Group Het Veer.

The family group Het Veer is active in five different sectors and has 14 companies. Today we are proud to add the fifteenth member to our group.

Van Os – Duracoat, also a family business with more than half a century of experience, specializes in industrial metal coating. Their services include zinc phosphating, powder coating and plastic coating. When standard corrosion protection is no longer sufficient, a thermoplastic Abcite® coating is applied to all kinds of materials for the water treatment sector, street furniture, electrical insulation and the maritime and offshore sector. They also apply Rilsan®, Halar® and Teflon® coatings, each for specific applications such as abrasion, contact with aggressive chemicals or non-sticky characteristics.

With their special expertise in exceptional corrosion-preventive coatings  we are further expanding our range of coatings: with Lakkerij Vandereyt and Van Os-Duracoat together, we now offer the entire range of organic coatings, from wet coating over powder coating to thermoplastic and even fluorinated coatings.

The company currently has 20 employees and Raf Van Os will continue to manage the company for a few years, as he has done in recent years. Durable and high-quality craftsmanship remains the absolute top priority.

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Through this acquisition we are expanding the metal sector of our group, which includes Lakkerij Vandereyt, Robby and Femaco. We’re looking forward to a pleasant cooperation!