40 years Deba, 40 years medium voltage

Deba nv started his existence in 1979 as installer of medium voltage switchgear and later evolved as a producer of medium voltage switchgear and associated components. In 2010, the company split into several independent companies, each with their own specialization. The umbrella, family-owned holding company Het Veer nv, is now celebrating its 40 years existence with a number of works of art.

Het Veer nv collaborated on the realization of these works of art with the vzw (non-profit organization) KunstBaan, an organization associating the social sector with the companies. On this way, disabled adults were able to give free rein to their creativity with residual materials emanating from the production of medium voltage components.

AVS reported on the anniversary: http://www.avs.be/avsnews/deba-nv-bestaat-40-jaar